Today’s female celebs on the red carpet are more groomed and fashionable than ever? How does that translate to the avg. female – in terms of having to keep up with this image?
SVB – More than ever.  The challenge is that you want to present yourself as casual and genetically perfected, but everyone knows that it’s a lot of work to have a healthy complexion and confident style.  The average woman has a lot more challenges in their life now.  By looking good, you project confidence.  By having that inner and outer radiance, you will interview better, attract more quality relationships and be more impactful when in a sales pitch.  Trust me, the extra time it takes to take care of yourself will in turn translate into life satisfaction.

There has also been an increase in cosmetic procedures for women – can you tell me a little bit about this and why this is?
SVB – The catalyst for procedures come when women feel like they can’t effect change with diet, exercise and lifestyle changes.  The “muffin top” which I like to call the gut area that spills over the belt or top of your pants is one of the most common procedures that males will contemplate first.  By having a svelte midriff, a level of confidence and self worth is regained.  The eye area is also another common area for women to seek relief.  Dark circles, bags, and major lines and wrinkles can be the culprit for women to showcase their age or lifestyle habits.

For over a decade, Scott-Vincent Borba has been a renowned innovator in the beauty category and has worked on such esteemed brands such as Hard Candy Cosmetics, Johnson & Johnson®, P&G/Wella-Sebastian, Shiseido/Joico, and Dr. Murad. 
Scott-Vincent helped found E.L.F. Cosmetics with the idea that quality color cosmetics shouldn’t be limited to high-end department stores. Aside from contributing to the monthly blogs, he oversees new product development and leads the brand with head-turning innovation.
Scott-Vincent has been a high-fashion model, TV personality and became a licensed aesthetician to further his credentials and experiences. He founded BORBA, and continues to use his creative thinking to push the envelopes of skin care as we know it.