Our friends at galtime asked us “Should you wear cream or powder eyeshadow? Does it depend on skin type, skin tone, or age? What about foundation?” 

Below is the advice of Celebrity Esthetician and Make-Up Artist Scott-Vincent Borba:

Yes eye shadow staying power and application perfection does depend on your skin type (not so much your age).  If you have oily, combination skin, T-Zone oily-ness, or you have “Hooding or Creepiness” which is skin that droops or hangs close to the lash line, then powder eye shadow is best. It acts as an absorbent allowing to help prevent creasing.  Look for eye shadows that have cornstarch (like e.l.f. products).  Corn starch not only helps to keep the oil at bay, but it also softens the skin with a barrier against high pigment irritation.  If you can’t live without that special cream eye shadow, then make certain that you dust your application area with translucent powder.  Try not to apply foundation under the shadow as the moisturizing ingredients will break through in about an hour.   

If you have normal to dry skin, you do have the possibility to wear both.  I apply to my celebrities a similar to a perfect match powder eye shadow under the cream eye shadow (elf has both).  It really provides a pop of intensity, eliminates the need for that translucent powder prior to application and the cream will act as your moisturizing agent too.  In both cases, apply your eye pencil after eye shadow application.  That way you can go right over the top which will save you time and touch-ups.

Foundations work the same way as the above, so take the same tips and apply them to the face, neck and décolleté.

Happy painting!

Scott-Vincent Borba www.borba.com/about/scott