Today, I’ll be attending a “meet and greet” and luncheon with Food Network’s Chef Robin Miller at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. I’m excited because along with the gourmet cuisine (yes, I’m a “foodie”!), I’ll have the chance to see a sneak preview of some new house ware products.  

The item that has been getting the most pre-event “buzz” is The Ninja Master Prep, a new food and drink maker. I’m not someone who loves to cook, so I’m happy whenever a product can make that job easier. From all reports, the Ninja Master Prep will do so. Since I’m someone who needs visual examples, it will be good to learn how to use the product from Chef Robin Miller. I looked on the site for recipes and I’m especially interested in learning how to make healthy blended drinks. School has only been in session for a few weeks and I’m already out of ideas for quick breakfasts! I’m also interested in learning how to make marinades. In an effort to eat better, we have been grilling most of our meats, so I would love to learn how to make them even tastier. 

So tell me…which small kitchen appliance currently makes your life easier?
Kimberly Coleman, a wife and mom of two sons, writes and speaks about parenting in the NYC Metro area. She received a BA in History-Sociology from Columbia College in New York. After college, she worked in finance and research for eight years. 
After giving birth to her first son, Kimberly switched careers. Since then, she has written for top Internet parenting sites, regional parenting publications and community newspapers. She is also the founder of Mom in the City (, a blog for moms of toddlers and preschoolers.