Ever see a pictorial or video tutorial of a smoky eye and think- hey that seems easy enough, lets try it! And then you end up looking like a raccoon… Here are a few tips for mastering the smoky eye.

Tip #1: If your skin is light, use a grey eyeshadow. If your skin is medium, go for gunmetal, if your skin is dark, go for black. Choose the proper shade of whatever color you choose (light for light skin, medium for medium skin, dark for dark skin). I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve seen a Taylor Momsen disaster. Smoky for you, is not smoky for someone else so choose your colors accordingly. Black eyeshadow on a girl with porcelain skin is harsh and unflattering.

Tip #2: Apply your eyeshadow to the lid only!! The raccoon effect comes into play when you look like you’ve been punched in the eye. Keeping the eyeshadow on the lid adds a sultry effect without going overboard. If you have deep set eyes, then you can apply your color to your crease but don’t overdo it!

Tip #3: Bronzer is your friend. When you apply a matte or dark eyeshadow, blending is key. But when blending isn’t enough or just isn’t working, apply bronzer to help with the process. When applied around the edges of your dark eyeshadow, it helps make the eyeshadow look more natural and less harsh.

Tip #4: Concealer AFTER eyeshadow. Applying your under eye concealer before you attempt a smoky eye is counter productive unless you’re using cream eyeshadows. When working with dark eyeshadows and blending, you cant escape the dreaded ‘fallout’, which is the eyeshadow that falls down when you apply it. Then you end up with a raccoon look because the black eyeshadow is stuck to your concealer! Do your smoky eyes, wipe away any fallout or eyeshadow with an Eye Makeup Remover Pad, and then apply your concealer!

Tip #5: Don’t forget your primer! All of your hard work will end up looking like a creased mess if you plan on wearing it out to a party or out all night, so be sure to use an Eyelid Primer before you apply your eyeshadows. It will hold your look in place all night!

What are YOUR smoky eye tips?