We drew inspiration from Dennis Basso, Bibhu Mohapatra and David Meisters silver sequin studded gowns for our holiday manicures!  

1. Prep the nails by removing any nail polish from the surface.

2. File nails to the shape you desire, and buff the top of the nail to remove any ridges.

3. Start out with a nail strengthening base coat. Apply two coats of our Nail polish in ‘Desert Haze’ and let each coat dry in between applications.

4. Next, grab ‘Metal Madness’ and apply to the tips of the nails. Go as thick or thin as you’d like. Pairing the neutral base with the glittery metallic French keeps the manicure wearable and glamorous for any holiday party- at home or in the office.

5. For added glitz, take some loose glitter (can be found at any craft store) and sprinkle it over the polish while its still wet.

6. Finish off the mani with a clear top coat and your hands are holiday ready! Stay tuned for more holiday mani ideas…

~Patti, contributing elfette