Lately I’ve been in a very French mood! I think Megan from Mad Men triggered it with her impromptu Zou Bisou Bisou rendition at Don’s surprise birthday party! However, quite unfortunately, I can’t afford a Parisian vacation. Instead I want to plan the most FABULOUS French STAYCATION and I’m hoping that you will join me in saying “Au Revior, reality! VIVA LA FRANCE!”

Here’s how we’ll do it!

1. Create a French Menu

Starter: Classic French Mussels  (Surprisingly EASY)

Main Course: Steak Au Poivre with Herbed Frites

Desert: French Chocolate Mousse

2. Twirl around while cooking/dining to a very French playlist!

Your playlist should include:

Edith Piaf

Gillian Hills

Carla Bruni

3. Wear a FABULOUS party dress!

According to Carrie Bradshaw, when you’re going to Paris, you must wear something SPECIAL!

4. French Movie Marathon + Macaroons!

Finish the evening by eating macaroons and watching movies that are either French, take place in France, or have something French as a VITAL plot point!

My Top Choices:

Midnight in Paris



Hors De Prix


La Vie En Rose

Bonjour, elfettes!! Hope you enjoy your staycation!





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