We had the chance to sit down and discuss hair color with Ala Israel of Amoy Couture Salon. Ala states that in order to have a perfect summer color set in properly, we must first start healthy from the basics. Deep conditioning is key to restoring moisture and shine to colored hair and this will allow from the natural hair color to blend in.  Ala also states that the water we use on our hair is just as important as the products we use. Installing a water filter in our shower will keep our hair from becoming dull with the rust that is found in water pipes.

Also, for the summer, wetting out hair with bottled spring water helps us shield it from all of the harsh chemicals found in swimming pools. Starting from the basics is very important in having perfect color and hair for the summer. We need to keep the shine in our hair without over-drying it. 

What is your summer hair look? Share any tips you may have for maintaining that perfect summer look.



Andrea is a current college student and marketing intern at e.l.f. cosmetics. She is an avid fashion lover and is always up to date on the most fabulous trends and stories.