Does the summer HEAT effect your cosmetics?

Yes heat harms cosmetics.  It breaks down the binders that hold the pigments.  If broken down it won’t give you flawless color application, but splotchy color.  Also bronzers may have a tendency to activate, glosses will separate shimmer from color and fade and lipsticks will melt and be unusable unless you have that clean cotton swab or hairclip hanging around (gross).  Heat exposure fan exacerbate bacteria grow.  Just like leaving chicken out without refrigeration for days at time mascara for example in the right temperatures of heat can start to multiply or create a more optimal surroundings to allow bacteria to grow.  Keep all cosmetics even skincare in a thick travel bag or at least a zip lock back.  If you have to place it in the car took it way underneath your seat or the very back of the trunk so there is more shield with layers from the car to keep them cooler.

Scott-Vincent Borba – Celebrity Esthetician and Color Expert