Hey elfettes!!

I know that when it’s 90+ degrees out, it’s easy to get the summertime blues, but fear not, I’ve got some blues to pull you right out of it!

These blue outfits will definitely add some pep to your step to kick off summer with the right shade of the color that looks amazing on EVERYONE!!

This blue number is perfect for date night! Both demure and sexy (how does it do that?!) your boyfriend will definitely be ready to take you home to meet mom and think you’re the prettiest lady in the room.

I actually own this dress in black, but I may have to add the blue one to my collection. Can we say OBSESSED?! This is perfect for a night on the town with your bffs!

Vestique is one of my favorite places to shop because it’s SO affordable AND chic! I’m totally obsessed with this color blocking number which is perfect for work and can definitely transition into drinks!

Hello!! Look at the stunning back to this dress! Part Stepford Wife/Part Blair Waldorf! This dress is super cute and sweet!

What do you think, elfettes?! Do you think these blues will help you beat the summertime blues?!



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