Looking like you just have that “rolled out of bed beauty” is extremely hard to achieve!  You have to start with great skin care, but then you must understand how to layer your cosmetics so blending becomes and art.  What I tell all my celebrity clients  (when they have to do their own make-up) is TAKE YOUR TIME.  Mix your primer with your moisturizer.  That will change your life.  I promise you.  Then either layer liquid foundation or blend in your foundation powder until it starts to glow like natural skin.  Make certain your don’t forget your eyes, lips, neck, décolleté, ears etc.  The canvas has to be perfectly primed to then paint on the color.  Remember always to layer on the colored products lightly.  You can always go back and add more, it’s harder to take it off.  Always do cheeks last, as your eyes and lips will dictate how much you need (and if you need to extend it a bit from the apples of the cheeks).  Now here’s the BIG SECRET!  Take a fine mixing spray bottle.  Fill it with Cucumber water.  Then take one full tissue and cover a quarter of the face.  Lightly mist over the tissue, gently press it on skin, then gently peel it off.  Do that with the other areas of the face.  Mark my word….. your make up will look more natural and people will come up to compliment you!

XOXO Scott-Vincent Borba (www.borba.com)
Celebrity Esthetician and Make-up Artist