Me and the husband were watching X-Men: First Class this past weekend, one of my top 3 favorite movies. As I sat there drooling over James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender (Professor X and Magneto at their absolute PRIME) I noticed something from the corner of my eye. Jennifer Lawrence from the hunger games was young Mystique! Now I think I have a pretty good eye considering her hair was long and blonde in this movie. I got all excited because I can’t wait to see the Hunger Games (in theaters March 23rd!!). For those of you who have no idea what the Hunger Games is, it’s a book turned movie that takes place in the future where 12 boys and girls are chosen from their districts to fight for their lives on live TV. Jennifer is transformed into a brunette fighter, taking the place of her sisters spot in the games to ensure her safety. I’m getting excited just writing about it! 

Will you guys check out the hunger games? Have you read the book?

-Patti, Contributing Elfette