It’s so hard to let go of the to-do list and spend a few hours really relaxing. There’s always something you “should” be doing—catching up on laundry, planning next week’s meals, etc.
But if you recognize the significant payoff that relaxing provides, perhaps you’d do it more often. The truth is, the problem-solving part of your brain functions best during unstructured time. So when you’re engaged in “mindless” activities like taking a nature walk you’ll often come up with the very solutions you need.
You’ll be healthier, too. When you’re constantly busy your body is stuck in high gear, leading to high blood pressure, heart disease and a suppressed immune system. Doesn’t it always seem like you catch a cold after a particularly stressful week?
And your children feel your energy – positive or negative. By allowing yourself to relax, your whole family will relax and enjoy the weekend together.
Here are some ideas for relaxing and renewing your energy:
• Take a long bath. Light some candles and spend some time in quiet reflection.
• Go for a walk. It’s rejuvenating physically, mentally, even spiritually.
• Enjoy the silence.  Turn everything off-your phone, radio, TV-and enjoy the peace.
• Treat yourself. Indulge in simple pleasures-a pedicure, massage or reading at your favorite bookstore.
The bottom line is that you need to find a way to rejuvenate yourself each weekend so you’ll be ready to face the new week.

Kim DeYoung is the original Metromom—a motivated mom entrepreneur committed to her family, her career and achieving success on her own terms. Also known as the “Get It Done Girl”, Kim is the dynamic and creative force behind, the “get it done” resource for the busy mom entrepreneur, providing solutions on marketing, money,  mindset and motherhood.