When I think of getting it done, the truth is it’s just a lot of small (baby) steps that are on the way to making something happen. To look at a big task all at once is so daunting. We would never get started. So many of us are stuck in the brilliance of our big ideas because we’re overwhelmed…

How Do We Break Through the Overwhelm?

 Identifying the primary goal or objective. This is where you concentrate on the outcome you desire. It would be helpful to write down your vision in detail of where you want to be.

 Chunking the goal out. Once you have a goal, break it down into chunks. What does that mean? Break things down into smaller manageable pieces. The single larger goal is more achievable as you work through one chunk at a time.

 Breaking it into easy steps. Now you have chunked your goal it’s time to work out the steps you need to accomplish. Break it down into small very specific doable tasks.

These three powerful steps will help you meet your goals too – whether it’s the 10 pounds you want to lose or the huge information product you want to write, it’s all about one pound at a time or one chapter a time. Once you have your goal clearly in mind and have it chunked down into manageable pieces, you can start moving through the necessary steps with speed and grace.


Kim DeYoung is the original Metromom—a motivated mom entrepreneur committed to her family, her career and achieving success on her own terms. Also known as the “Get It Done Girl”, Kim is the dynamic and creative force behind Metromom.com, the “get it done” resource for the busy mom entrepreneur, providing solutions on marketing, money,  mindset and motherhood.