After this years Grammy Awards, I will never look at a dark lip the same way again. Lorde’s performance makeup was interesting. She wore a dark purple lip, but she looked WAY older than she actually was. Seeing her performance, I thought she was in her 30’s maybe even low 40’s, but when researched I found out she was 17. Now I know a lot of it has to do with lighting but here’s how I think she could have tried to avoid looking ghostly.

Tip #1: Add bronzer! The number one reason her lips looked too harsh is because she was really pale. That, combined with the lighting aged her a bit. I don’t think she need a contour, I think she needs an all over warmth to balance out the cool lip and give her skin a little life.

Tip #2: Define those eyes! A swipe of mascara may pass on the runways, but I think a simple black eyeliner, top and bottom, whether it be smudged or sharp, will make the lip color look less shocking.

Tip #3: Go a shade lighter on the lip color. I’m all for funky colors and a dark lip – but a light lip on someone else may look like a dark lip on her so I would recommend going with what’s dark for YOUR skin tone.

What did you think of her look that night?