Trend to Trash #1: Bronzer Overload—– Sunkissed

We’ve all seen too many disasters caused by BAD BRONZING. The Oompa Loompa effect is not a sexy one, so go easy when applying your bronzer. Instead of applying it to your whole face, just dust your bronzer lightly across the cheeks, nose, temples, and chin. Blend some down onto your neck if you plan on wearing your bronzer darker than usual so you don’t look uneven.

Trend to Trash #2: Full Coverage Foundation Mask—– Sheer Foundation + Spot Concealing

Unless you’re starring on Broadway, you do not need the infamous full coverage foundation mask. The whole point of foundation and concealing is to hide blemishes and uneven skin, while letting your natural features shine through. Use a sheer/medium coverage foundation where needed IN THE SHADE THAT SUITS YOU (nobody like a mask line across their chin). For any extra coverage, use a concealer stick and blend!

Trend to Trash #3: 80’s Blush/ Hard Contouring— Naturally Contoured and Defined

There is nothing worse than an 80’s contour. Picture a mix of heavy bronzer and vibrant hot pink blush striped under the cheekbones up to your temples. It’s way too intense, unless your headed to a party dressed as Madonna or Cyndi Lauper. Instead, use a light hand when applying bronzer. For a contoured effect, use our Mineral Powder Brush and blend out any harsh lines for a naturally contoured and defined look. Apply a little blush on the apples of the cheeks to finish the look!