Every girl should know how to master a basic cat eye. For a night out on the town, or for everyday flair, a cat eye is the perfect way for a girl to express her inner Betty Page. Learn how here:

Step 1: Dip the Angled Eyeliner Brush into your Cream Eyeliner.

Step 2: Start at the middle of your lash line. Using short strokes, line the basic out line of your eye. Finish off with the inner corners.

Step 3: Pick up a bit more eyeliner to create the wing. Trace a small flick from in between where your lash lines meet, and connect the flick to your eyeliner.

Step 4: For a bolder punch, use our new Precision Liquid Eyeliner to re-line your eyes.

Step 5: Add mascara and you’re good to go!