Contouring and highlighting can make the world of a difference in a girls face shape and definition. Today we’re going to focus on contouring. Here’s how:

Step 1: Start with a fresh face of your favorite foundation and conceal any imperfections. Using a Studio Mineral Powder Brush and a bronzer about 2 shades darker than your skin tone, sculpt the cheeks by swiping the powder slightly under your cheekbones (fishy face will help you find your cheek bones). Make sure to blend back into the hairline so there are no harsh lines! Be careful not to bring the contour too inward towards the center of your face or you may look funny. As a general rule, I stop right under the outer edge of the eyes.

Step 2: Contour the temples of the forehead. Blend the powder onto the edge of the forehead as well.

Step 3: Contour your nose if you prefer by dusting the powder on the sides of the nose and under the tip.

Step 4: To shape your jaw line, dust the bronzer under the jaw line and down onto your neck. Make sure to blend so it looks natural!.

Step 5: To add depth and definition to your eyes, contour the crease of the eyes with the bronzer. Feel free to line under the eyes for more definition.

See the difference?