Here at Beauty Boot Camp, we won’t go easy on you. We’re going to tell you exactly what your doing wrong and how to fix it! While everyone has their own makeup tastes, we respect that, but were going to give you a few tips on what’s out and what’s in!

Over Glossed Lips—– High Shine Lips

Naturally, us ladies love our lip gloss. If you end up applying too much, it could backfire on you and give you the opposite effect. Go easy on the lip gloss. Too much goop will seep out of the sides of your lips and get your hair stuck to your lips, what a mess! One or two swipes of gloss is enough to give you the perfect high shine glossy look you crave. 

Too Nude Lip—– Appropriate Nude Lip

This rule applies to the ladies who overload on the bronzer. The Nude Lip is different for everyone. On a fair skinned lady, an appropriate nude shade would be the same shade of her skin, or one shade darker. If a darker skinned lady used the same nude shade as the fair skinned lady, it will look really chalky. An appropriate nude lip for her would be a lipstick in the shade of her skin tone, or a shade lighter.

Harsh Lip Liner—–Feathered Lip Liner

While most ladies out there think lip liner is a staple, it only looks good when applied correctly. I’m from Brooklyn where lip liner is not frowned upon, but here’s an easy way to sexy it up. Instead of applying it with a heavy hand, line the outer edges with a lip liner only 1-2 shades darker than your lip/lipstick color and feather out the edges. This way when you apply the lipstick over it, you will have a naturally defined lip instead of a harsh, obvious line.