I have to tell you.  After performing my $2,000.00 HD Diamond Facial on Ashley Greene and having been booked to work on the other cast members, my love for the books, movies and the characters have gone to a whole new level!  Here’s a secret that I tell all my celebrity fans!  Make certain that you buy new brushes every 3 months.  That’s just one of the many reasons why I developed the elf professional brushes, so you can clean them easily before each application so you protect your skin from all the bacteria and aging free radicals.  You can buy the whole complete set for the price of one high end brush (and you can’t tell the difference AT ALL).  So, each one of my celebrities take multiple sets (one for their make-up artist, one for home and one for their travel case).  Then after my prescribed time frame, they get recycled.  Flawless skin with every swirl and tap!  You have to love that!


XOXO Scott-Vincent Borba
Celebrity Esthetician and Make-up Artist