Everyone hates the dreaded under eye circle.  So here are a few healthy and natural ways to help combat under eye circles that you can find around your house!

-drink plenty of water

-get plenty of sleep

-eat foods rich in vitamin e, c and iron like skinless chicken and bell peppers

-create a mixture of crushed almonds and milk to create a paste and apply under the eyes every morning for 10 minutes or you can try crushed mint leaves and leave under the eyes for 20 minutes

-Try creating a paste of turmeric powder and pineapple juice and apply under the eyes

-And of course apply a nourishing concealer in a shade lighter than your skin to balance out the darkness, try e.l.f. Studio Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter.  This is a great item because it has green tea to help tighten and sooth the under eye area.

What do you do to get rid of under eye circles?


{Achelle is the Creative Director, Brand Ambassador and official Makeup Artist for e.l.f. cosmetics}