Step 1: Start by applying the sparkly grey shade from the palette (top left, first column) to the lids using the Eyeshadow Stipple Brush.

Step 2: Apply the rose shade (top right, second column) to the crease using our Stipple Crease Brush for warm definition.

Step 3: Grab the dark brown shimmery shade (bottom left, first column) to the outer ‘v’ of the eye. Bring the color under the eyes and blend for a vampy look.

Step 4: Curl lashes and coat them with a couple coats of Mascara.

Step 5: After applying foundation and concealer, brighten up the skin by applying the blush using the Small Stipple Brush for precision application.

Step 6: Seal in your makeup with our HD Powder and the large Stipple Brush for flawless skin.

Step 7: Apply the Matte Red Lip color to lips and define the top v for a dangerous twist on red lips.

Step 8: Rock it!