Waxing Tips 1:

To make waxing pain-free, moisturize the affected area about an hour before any hair is pulled. Moisturizing will soften your skin and hairs, helping them to come out painlessly.


To cut down razor burn, try shaving in the shower. Showering in warm water a few minutes before a shave is sure to soften the hairs, making them more easily removed.

Waxing Tips 2:

Most women get razor burn in the bikini area simply because they do not apply a moisturizer after they’re done shaving. If one of these many women, it’s time to invest in a decent post-shave moisturizer.


If extractions make you dread going to the esthetician, request that they be done ‘wet.’ A ‘wet’ extraction involves an esthetician applying water or another emollient on your face before extraction which will act as a lubricating barrier, eliminating that pinching feeling.

Waxing Tips 3:

“When it comes to jeans, you might be tempted to wear them over and over to get the lived-in look and feel, but doing so can cause another set of issues. All of the oils build up around your pelvic region and get trapped in the pants, which, in turn, may create challenges, including bikini bumps, redness, rashes, and other things. Therefore, try to be mindful of how often you wear something, and you can minimize these problems.”


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