As I look back over the last year, the things that I am especially thankful for have remained the same.  I call them my 3 “Fs” – faith, family and friends.

1. My faith: Sometimes, it seems as if the sky is falling.  From the Gulf of Mexico oil spill  to the NYC bomb threat to Nashville flood damage, the news is enough to make me depressed.  If I did not think that there was more to life than this existence here on earth, I truly believe that I would be a very melancholy person.

2. My family: What can I say?  I hit the jackpot.  I both love AND like my husband and two sons.  (You know that it is possible to love someone and not really like their character, right?)  Anyway, I am happy that I get to start and end the vast majority of my days with them. See how much my sons made me smile for Mother’s Day 2010:

3. My friends: As I get older, I appreciate my true friends so much more.  Age teaches me the difference between good acquaintances and true friends.  I am fortunate to have many of the former and a special few of the latter.  People who know me completely, but love my unconditionally/in spite of me – I cannot ask for more.  There are few greater gifts than that.


Kimberly Coleman, a wife and mom of two sons, writes and speaks about parenting in the NYC Metro area. She received a BA in History-Sociology from Columbia College in New York. After college, she worked in finance and research for eight years. 

After giving birth to her first son, Kimberly switched careers. Since then, she has written for top Internet parenting sites, regional parenting publications and community newspapers. She is also the founder of Mom in the City, a blog for moms of toddlers and preschoolers.