Well, you know…the ‘girls’.

Since the tender age of 12 when “We must, we must, we must increase our bust” became the swan song of girls everywhere, women have been (just a wee bit) obsessed with their bust size.

Too small, too big, rarely just right…

Our fascination with our own silhouettes is the foundation of an entire industry (lead by Queen Victoria and her wonderful Wonder Bras).

Pregnancy and motherhood has it’s…ahem…perks in that department! But beware that what goes up, must (according to the laws of nature) come down. And sometimes that down goes WAY down…

What? I didn’t sign up for this!

Motherhood brings with it many things. First smiles, first steps, first words. It also brings dark circles under your eyes, a cosmopolitan wardrobe adored with shmoo, and a body that just isn’t the same (and well…the irreversible changes to the girls except by medical intervention).

So long to the days of disco

The first days, weeks, months after my daughter was born meant less time for me. A LOT less. Forget fancy hairdos, freshly pressed power suit and manicured fingernails – showering before my husband got home at 5 o’clock was a special occasion.

Getting your mojo back…

Kicks off the yoga pants and break out the lip gloss, even if it’s just to dance with your toddler in your living room. It’s about embracing motherhood, and celebrating the sexy, savvy woman you know is hiding under the shmoo and cat fur.

Carla Young is the Founder & CEO of MOMeo Community.com  and Publisher of MOMeo Magazine.com , an online resource dedicated to supporting moms in their work life, their family life and in finding a little playtime for mommy!