Since launching our Beauty at All Ages contest with the fabulous, we’ve asked you to tell us what beauty means to you.  We received tons of amazing responses!  Here are just a few beautiful quotes, in response to our e.l.f.  beauty at all ages Youtube video, describing what beauty means to them!

-“Beauty is beyond the eye of the beholder. No matter what make-up you try, it personalizes your own creativity which will stand out.”
-“True beauty radiates from within – it the outward expression of beautiful soul.”
-“A beautiful person is someone who is true to themselves and everyone around them. Being yourself is beautiful.”
-“Beauty is a verb. When people have a passion they are most beautiful doing what they love.”
-“I think beauty is being yourself. Feeling comfortable and happy with who you are, and makeup is just the icing on the cake.”
Which one of these quotes is your favorite, or what do you think “Beauty” is?  Check out more of our Beauty at All Ages contest at!!