I’ve never really put a lot of stock into New Year’s resolutions.  It is a cute idea/tradition that I like to hear other people talk about.  But as for me, I usually don’t have New Year’s resolutions.  But this year is different.  I’ve decided that 2010 is the year I am going to make a resolution.

For the past three years, I’ve been a stay at home mom to two small boys.  During that time dressing nice has been out the window.  Every outfit I own has been either spit up on, snotted on, or yanked on by one of my little guys.  So this is the year I’m making a resolution to take back my clothes.  I want to dress stylish and cute like I did “bk” (before kids).  I want to get back to being the girl who would buy a pair of shoes because they were fashionable or cute.  The girl who wouldn’t bat an eyelash at a shoe with a heel.  The girl who kept up with the fashion trends and had a little black dress at the ready.  With all the testosterone in this house, I need to get back to feeling feminine again.

So, I’ve resolved to jump back into the fashion world and get out of this frump slump.  And I think I’ve found a few things to help me along the way.  The first is when I discovered “The Rachel Zoe Project” on Bravo TV.  I love Rachel Zoe and her fashion sense.  She’s plugged in and definitely in the know when it comes to fashion trends.  I feel that a lot of the looks she puts together could be adapted to my budget and lifestyle.  I’m all about chic on the cheap.  She has a great daily email that she sends out where you can “get the daily glamour” from Rachel herself.  Some of the items she recommends are a pipe dream, but a girl can wish can’t she?  It’s bananas.

Another great tool I’ve found is the virtual make over tool here on the e.l.f. website.  I love the idea of being able to upload a picture of myself so I can virtually try on different makeup shades, as well as change my hair color.  It is hard to shop for these types of things out when you’ve got little ones in tow, so being able to do this after I put those little monkeys to bed is a fun way to do it.  Sometimes I find I want to branch out when it comes to lip color, but I hate to take a chance and buy something that may or may not work.  Also, as a brunette I’m interested to see what I’d look like as a blond.  Because I’ve heard they have more fun.  So it sounds like this virtual make over tool could open up a world of possibilities.

I feel I owe it to my family to become a “hot mama”.  Because as they say, “When mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy”. LOL  I really feel that when you feel your best and put on a smile, it changes the world around you.

So what is your New Year’s resolution?

Shelly Wilcox is a blogger from Virginia who is married to a great guy and is busy raising two boys under the age of three, as well as chasing after her beloved boston terrier, Miss Zoe.  When not swinging from the chandeliers, she loves to follow fashion and try her hand at crafts.  Blogging at the Chic Crafty Chick Blog, she shares fun finds, cool crafts, recipes and more.  She describes herself as a “chat with your girlfriend” kind of blogger.