Nothing makes me feel sexier than having really, really smooth skin. Well, having smooth skin, sipping anejo tequila on the rocks and wearing either a low-cut blouse or a short skirt, though not both at the same time. Oh, and the ten pounds I just lost.

Of all of the above, smooth skin is actually the cheapest and easiest to get. And I can tell you how in just two words: exfoliating gloves.

A few years ago, I saw exfoliating gloves in my local drugstore and bought them, took them home and tried them. I was really impressed with the results, particularly on my legs, arms and yes, on my ass. And I’ve been using them ever since. One of my friends, who came to visit me and tried the gloves when she was using my shower, was actually offended that I hadn’t shared this knowledge with her.

The gloves are inexpensive (less than $10.00 a pair), are easy to use (one size fits all) and produce really phenomenal results. The gloves work by removing the surface layer of dead cells so that the new, pretty skin is exposed. I wouldn’t use them on sensitive skin like your face or neck because they are too abrading. And I’ve found that I get the best results by using them with either a moisturizing soap or body wash and then applying lotion right after my shower.

I use the gloves a couple of times a week, especially on date night with my husband. And he notices. Which leads to more physical contact because who doesn’t want to touch smooth skin? And more physical contact leads to…. Well, you see where I’m going with this.

So, I’ve shared with you my favorite make-me-feel-sexier product. But I can always use a little more sexiness in my life. Can’t you?

What’s your favorite make-you-feel-sexier product? Don’t hold out on me!

Jen Cullen is a 40-something pseudo housewife, divorced and re-married with 2 kids, one stepdaughter and no pets. She writes Life’s Dewlaps: Musings From An Underused Brain  where she unburdens herself of the many thoughts in her head. It’s not as ominous as it sounds but she likes to explore random topics ranging from using at-home hair color and playing baseball with her son to taking Milk Thistle to prevent hangovers and using arousal gel.