It looks like winter is coming early for us New Yorkers. As we all know, parched skin isn’t pretty and we just wanted to prepare you guys for the weather with our winter necessities!

First off- moisturizer. Before sleeping we love deep moisturizing night cream. For the daytime, regular moisturizer will ensure smooth skin all through the day.

For dry flakey lips, we love flavored chapsitcks that hydrate and keep lips soft and kissable!

Moisturizing Body Wash- It makes our skin feel soft the second we step out of the shower! It’s also a great backup if you forget to apply lotion after showering.

Cute fingerless gloves- they’re adorable, they keep you warm, and they’re VITAL for texting 🙂

Leg warmers- they make almost every shoe wearable, keep legs warms and toasty, and come in every color!

Were sure you guys have the winter creeping up on you too, what are YOUR winter essentials?

~Patti {e.l.f. assistant}