Dark complexions are gorgeous, and we want to share our top beauty tips when it comes to applying makeup to bring out your ultimate glow. Here are 5 makeup tips that will enhance your natural beauty in no time!

1. Take Advantage of Highlighters

Highlighters and shimmers are a must when contrasting your skin tone. Create a glowing look by applying a  highlighting product on brow bones, inner eye corners, and cheekbones. It’ll totally give you an eye catching look!

2. Warm Up Your Cheeks and Lips

Looking for a simple yet magnified cheek look? Choose warmer-toned blush colors like deep pinks, reds, and soft roses. This touch of warmth can also be applied to your lips. Try using dark colors such as rich brown, rose, nudes, and deep reds as your go-to lip colors to create any level of drama.

3. Wear Dark Smoky Eyes with Bright Eyeliner

Dark brown, deep purple, burgundy, and especially gold and copper eyeshadow colors are absolutely stunner on deep skin tones. Turn those shades into a smoky look and you’re good to go! Then, go bold with a bright liner to instantly enhance your polished look.

4. Remember Bronzer is Your Bestie

Bronzer is a fantastic tool to create flattering makeup looks for any skin type. Choose a bronzer only one or two shades darker than your skin tone (warm, cool, and neutral). Once you get your hands on the right bronzer, you can achieve an instant glow with the simple flick of a brush. Lightly dust it over your hair line and jawline and boom! You’ve got that enviable sun-kissed look.

5. Invest in a Quality Translucent Powder

To keep from looking too shiny while setting your makeup, use an oil absorbing translucent powder that will mattify your skin and lock your makeup in place. This powder will make your skin look soft and radiant and is a total must.

These are our 5 beauty tips for beautiful dark complexions! Make sure to experiment and #playbeautifully to find looks that make you look and most importantly, feel good!  Have any other beauty tips to share with us? Write your comments below!

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