Any dermatologist or specialist will advise you that repeatedly forgetting to take your makeup off before bed is generally not the best idea.

In fact, Jeannette Graf MD, the assistant clinical professor of dermatology at New York’s Mount Sinai Medical Center, has stated “the more you sleep with makeup on, the greater the damage there is to your skin.” Yikes.

Now be honest, how many times have you gone to bed without removing your makeup?

Here are 5 hazards your skin faces if you don’t use makeup removers before bed. Your skin will thank you for dodging these!

1. Acne and Clogged Pores

After a full day of wear, your blush, bronzer, concealer, and foundation start to attract bacteria and dirt. Some makeup, for example, traps sweat and can even prevent your pores from breathing (skin needs oxygen, too!). Even a single night of not washing your face can result in an unpleasant breakout due to the large amount of unhealthy microbes collected in your pores. That’s why it’s mega important to use a deep cleansing makeup remover to prevent acne.

2. Premature Wrinkling

Anna Pursglove, a writer for Daily Mail, conducted her own experiment to test the damages of not removing makeup before bed. In the end of her 30-day experiment, Anna had wrinkles on her face that deepened because her skin had become less elastic. The experiment concludes with advice from an expert dermatologist Dr. Sam Bunting who said, “Long-term avoidance of cleansing while continuing to wear make-up could be detrimental to your skin in the long-run.” Luckily, just make sure to cultivate a skincare routine that fully moisturizes your skin and you can help prevent those premature wrinkles!


3. Cysts, Sties, and Brittle Eyelashes

Have you ever seen little white, raised dots on or on the inside of your lash line? Those are mild sties created by bacteria getting into oil glands. While foundation can cause acne and redness if left on overnight, leaving mascara on can cause terrible cysts and infections around the eye. And, mascara dries out eyelashes and can cause them to become brittle and start shedding. Say what?! Try using an eye makeup remover before sleeping to prevent swollen lids and puffiness.


4. Old, Rough Skin

In 24 hours, the body sheds almost 1 million skin cells. While new cells are regenerated every minute, the renewal rate almost doubles at night while you get your beauty sleep. However, if there is makeup blocking pores and preventing the shedding of old cells, new skin cells stay below the surface and make your skin texture rougher. By removing your makeup on a daily basis, your allowing the skin to do its work freely, leaving you with fresher, younger skin in the morning.

5. Parched Skin

Not removing makeup before bed causes dehydrated skin in multiple ways. First, your makeup most likely contains ingredients not designed for extended use on the face. The chemicals in some products will dry out your skin overnight. Second, a layer of makeup means no moisture can get through, making any moisturizer you apply ineffective. By removing the day’s makeup and grime, your skin is more receptive to moisture. Try using a hydrating serum or a vitamin rich moisturizer before bed and see all the benefits you will get.

Pimples, bumpy skin, sties, and dreaded premature aging – these are the hazards and consequences of   not removing your makeup before bed. So, make sure to always do a nightly cleanse to dodge them and stay glowing!

And, of course, remember to #playbeautifully!

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